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Maltov & Partners Law Firm is the winner of the National "Triumph" Award in the field of the Bar activities. Our Law Firm is among the best Law Offices in the country. Maltov & Partners distinguish with their considerable court practice in cases of different categories and complexities. 

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A universal lawyer who is competent in all legal fields is probably a myth. But a universal team of multifaceted specialists isn't a myth but the necessity dictated by the time for our clients' problems to be solved qualitatively and promptly. We chose the team approach for us not try to boil the ocean but practise law and improve ourselves in its particular spheres.

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Services and Prices

Our team never consider cases as more or less important ones. We always go into the heart of the matter and work at each case thoroughly and conscientiously. Our price policy is built in such a way that everyone can choose the most suitable kind of payment: fixed, actual or hourly rates. Please don't forget to demand for compensation for your expenses when you need rights protection as a victim or to arbitrate a dispute.

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Publications and Media

The code of ethics sets some limits on the interaction between Lawyers and Media. At the same time using media in law practice as a vehicle for the protection of human rights is sometimes justified and required.

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Here you can find some references to useful websites that will help you to find necessary information. If you have any questions, please contact our jurists.

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Phone - (391) 254-07-61

Address: Krasnoyarsk, Karaulnaya str. 88, office #6-15
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